All-New Mercedes-Benz E-Class L Rolls Offline Inheriting A Legacy of Honor for the Return of a Classic
Source:          Release Time:  2023-10-20 15:05:02

[October 20, 2023, Beijing] All-New Mercedes-Benz E-Class L (V214) based on the 11th generation E-Class model rolled offline today at BBAC. Emerging from BBAC’s high-end manufacturing process, the all-new E-Class L builds on the model’s proud legacy to once again set a new industrial benchmark for executive sedans in the Chinese market, featuring a comprehensive upgrade of luxury aesthetics and intelligent technology. The all-new E-Class L is set to further consolidate BBAC’s competitive advantage in the segment of medium and large luxury sedans, continuing to promote the sustainable and steady growth of Mercedes-Benz business in China.



Inheriting the E-Class Spirit to Carry on a Timeless Legend



In the 18 years since its first model made its debut, the all-new E-Class L has linked classic luxury with digital intelligence, becoming a leading example of BBAC’s steady improvement in manufacturing strength and high-quality development. In 2005, the year BBAC was founded, the E-Class model became the first Mercedes-Benz vehicle produced by the company, with the 8th generation E-Class model (W211). The emergence of this vehicle in China marked the start of BBAC’s dedication to carrying out Mercedes-Benz’s “One Brand, One Quality” commitment, which is one of our most important promises towards our customers.


In the subsequent 18 years, BBAC has consistently pursued high-quality development and excellence through high-end manufacturing to deliver high-quality products to Chinese customers. In May 2010, the locally-produced E-Class L (V212) based on the 9th generation E-Class model officially came offline. This model was not only equipped for the first time with the “China Core” produced by BBAC’s Engine Plant, but also tailored for Chinese drivers as the first Mercedes-Benz model “Made in China, for China”.


In June 2016, the E-Class L (V213) based on the 10th generation E-Class model, came offline, beginning a new chapter in this proud legend. In November of the same year, this model became the 1,000,000th vehicle produced by BBAC, a major milestone in the company’s history. In 2020, the first MOPF vehicle of the E-Class L took BBAC into the era of 3 million vehicles, and in July 2023, the 1,000,000th E-Class L (which refers to V213 exclusively) produced by BBAC came offline, becoming the first single model exceeding one million units produced by the company, marking the first “four-ones” in Mercedes-Benz’s localization history: one plant, one model, one life cycle, and one million.


After 18 years of development, the excellent product quality of the locally-produced E-Class model has not only led it to become a favorite of Chinese customers, with consistently strong market performance, but has also won the model many honors and awards from institutions including the China Automobile Customer Satisfaction Index (CACSI), China Initial Quality Study (IQS), and China Automobile Quality Research (AQR). The evolution and upgrading of the three generations of locally-produced E-Class models is a strong reflection of BBAC’s constant improvement of production platforms and production technologies, as well as its continuous enhancement of comprehensive production and manufacturing strength, laying a solid foundation for today’s SoP of the all-new E-Class L.


All-New E-Class L Proudly Reflecting New Standards of Modern Luxury

BBAC has always strived to integrate digital, flexible, efficient and sustainable intelligent manufacturing into its entire production system. By deeply leveraging the 360° digital ecosystem of Mercedes-Benz Cars Operations, BBAC has integrated advanced digital technologies such as big data, big model, 5G and cloud computing into the production of the all-new E-Class L, fully implementing the cutting-edge digitalization in all aspects, including process planning, production scheduling, manufacturing and quality control, laying a solid foundation for ensuring luxury quality.



In the core area of intelligent production, BBAC’s digital quality management system integrates a range of online monitoring equipment, which can not only perform ultra-high-precision detection, but also enable big data analysis and processing to achieve advanced quality detection and early warning of potential flaws, as the production staff is able to monitor vehicle production status in real time through digital means. The transparent production process and integrated production information together provide a practical and reliable guarantee for every production detail of the all-new E-Class L.


At the same time, a commitment to low-carbon production also runs through the production process of the all-new E-Class L. BBAC uses numerous energy-saving equipment and technologies to minimize the energy consumption generated in the production process, helping to fulfill the company’s carbon neutrality commitment with practical actions. In the Body Shop, the all-new E-Class L use non-baking glue for welding, representing a new step forward in the welding process. This process can help BBAC reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions from production by about 2,170 tons, equivalent to the total amount of carbon dioxide that can be neutralized by 84,000 trees per year.


Carrying on the E-Class Legend to Promote High-quality Development

Relying on its robust production and manufacturing strength, BBAC has recently recorded a series of milestones in production and operation. Prior to the coming offline of the all-new E-Class L, the cumulative output of BBAC engines exceeded 5 million units, a precursor to BBAC’s cumulative output of vehicles likewise exceeding 5 million units. Currently, the engines produced by BBAC not only meet its own needs, but also serve the needs of Fujian Benz and are exported overseas, taking the pride of “Made in China” to the global supply chain system of Mercedes-Benz.


Robust Growth Indicates Development Vitality

In the first half of 2023, BBAC carried out the SoP for the all-new EQE SUV and the all-new A-Class L based on the electric vehicle architecture (EVA). In this same period, the market performance of BBAC’s models has improved steadily, with the cumulative production volume in the first three quarters creating a record high for the same period in history. In particular, the production volume of pure electric products increased dramatically, with the growth rate marking a record high for the same period in history.


The SoP of the all-new E-Class L is set to once again continue a proud legend. In the future, guided by the strategies of both BAIC Group and Mercedes-Benz Group, BBAC is dedicated to continuing to take quality as its foundation, accelerating the realization of its “electric, digital and low-carbon” strategic transformation goals, offering its exemplary luxury vehicles to meet the new premium mobility needs of Chinese customers, making a greater contribution to the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry and the high-quality economic development of Beijing.