As a complete automobile manufacturing enterprise, integrating R&D, engine and whole vehicle production, sales and post sales services, BBAC possesses the most advanced Mercedes-Benz production technology. The four major sections of manufacturing - pressing, welding, painting, assembly - all operate at a leading level domestically.

Pressing: Using world-leading Servo motor-driven press machinery, the production meter can reach 17 times per minute. The machines have a high degree of accuracy, strong controllability, and can achieve precision stamping of complex components. Within the global scope of Daimler AG, there are only two press lines of its kind: the first, located in a plant in Bremen, the second, located at BBAC.

Welding: The welding line at BBAC is the largest unit of Daimler AG globally, boasting the highest production capacity and an automation rate capable of reaching 85%.BBAC has introduced seven of the world’s top car body connecting processes for high-speed nail shooting and high-speed flow drilling, formerly adopted only by the S-Class. The process firmly integrates body materials of different intensity without losing flexibility, making the body lighter and safer while at the same time setting a benchmark in Chinese industry.

Coating: BBAC’s production line and the production lines in Germany both share identical quality standards; following Daimler’s technical process standards and quality inspection standards for both process control and quality control, the coating line can provide sixteen paint colors as well astwo kinds of varnish. Automatic spraying is used to bring about both interior and exterior coating. In addition, BBAC’s coating line holds a leading industry position in terms of emissions reductionsand energy saving.

Assembly: Using flexible conveyor chain systems for multi-model mixed-line production, the assembly lineproduces Mercedes-Benz RWD models through lean production methods such as modularized assembly, real-time production, zero-inventory management and pull-style production. At present, the assembly workshop has achieved mixed-line production for three different wheelbase models. Moreover, the assembly line’s comprehensive productive capacity enables it to hold a leading position in the industry.